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The Nightly Noodle Monthly Publishing Company launched in October 2009 as a local zine for Albuquerque, NM.

Now based in NYC, we are so excited to branch out into ebooks, books and a website that, though still new, will one day capture the spirit of our physical products that remind you to Keep It Noodle.

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Pete Domenici Just Died, Here's That Piece We Ran On His Lovechild Scandal Years Ago

A Little Bill Hearst Yellow Journalism, You Could Say

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - The writer of this piece, at this time he posted it years ago, was asked by a reader "When Pete actually does die, aren't you going to feel bad for having written this?" Upon the former New Mexico senator's 's recent death, the writer reflected that no, he didn't feel bad. Click below.


And You Thought All Great Housemates Were Taken

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Why not this guy? Most malleable roommate in the world.

His earnest go-with-the-flow enthusiasm is still the greatest thing.


Economics Is Not Numbers

by Otto Dicpetris

ST. PETE, FL - I spent my whole life trying to figure out what the worst thing in the universe is, and 30 years later, I got it. Being boring or uptight. No, uptight. Being uptight.

(Read on for a fun lesson in value system.)


I Got Fired For Being A Journalist

This piece was picked up by the Pointer Institute and Buzzfeed. But you heard it here first.

NORTH ADAMS, MA - In the back of my head I thought, “Did the Transcript hire me as a filterer or a reporter? I’m not here to filter what people say; I’m here to report what people say.” I vigorously defended my work, which only irritated Foster, who said he got the impression I wasn’t “getting it.”

eva et valentin.jpg

French People

AUSTIN, TX - Yesterday my art-school friend Jeff sent me a Texas picture from back in the day I hadn’t seen before, prompting a conversation about the good people of France. I used to make goat cheese on Valentin's family’s farm on a mountain called Bormes-Les-Mimosas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

 Eva: Oh my god, Valentin from South France looking like a total bum whoooaaaaa!! I won't even mention what I'm wearing - that's a whole other prison sentence of eternal delight and shame.

Jeff: I think he was just disguising himself to fit into Texas... I remember him being quite the gentleman.

Eva: Yeah, he was so cultivated, designing entire gourmet dinner menus in his mind out loud as we drove across the desert. French people.

Jeff: TELL ME ABOUT IT. You can't leave them alone in your house for a second... before you know it everything is clean and filled with interesting books.

Eva: That would be a great sketch comedy piece - a Frenchman breaks into your house and makes everything beautiful and the family is all scared and horrified.

Jeff: Hahaha

on the air.jpg

Strange Man Shows Up At Seattle Radio Station

SEATTLE, WA - This unfolding of events was compiled from emails sent among personnel at Hollow Earth Radio in Seattle on March 5, 2013.

It was all sent to the Noodle inbox - all names have been turned into initials.

Cover by Bradford Erickson

Cover by Bradford Erickson


APD Circus Starts With The Ringmasters

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - A fun piece wherein Eva Avenue interviews a lot of people about the DOJ Report findings from 2015 and how the local police culture works a little bit in Albuquerque. Excited to include perspective from Sergeant Tom Grover from the Albuquerque Police Department. Anytime she interviews The Law, she does so as a cultural anthropologist to really get a sense for what is going on. Click "Read More" for full article.


I Call This One Forehead On Glass

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - A very brief but heart-warming tale of photographic inspiration with Andrew Baxter.

Photo by Вальдимар 

Photo by Вальдимар 

Hasidic Men of Jewish Faith Do Get Hot Under Those Black Suits

BROOKLYN, NY - My first thought, after the other first thought of how cool they all look walking around in a uniform harkening back to memories of Vaudeville performers and Charlie Chaplin while on the other hand looking very elegant and beautiful, I would think damn they must be hot under there and do they get red heat rashes all over their body??